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6 UNIMAGINABLE Shocking Valentines Day Trends across the globe that will awe you.

Valentine’s Day, a day when people in love show their appreciation towards their mate who shower love and adore.
As we are very aware how couples from our country celebrate this precious occasion. Today, let’s explore the unbelievable traditions and ways how couples all across the world this festival.


The most unique thing of Japan’s Valentine’s day is that women will be presenting gifts for men. The very most tradition of women’s presentingchocolates to men indicates their love towards their mates. This includes 2 types of chocolates- “Honmei-choco” and “Giri-choco”. Honmei-choco is given to a husband,
lover or boyfriend with whom deep romance is involved.

Giri-choco is given to normal mates whom they care about like friends, classmates, colleagues etc where romance is not involved. Another most unique thing about Japan is “White Day” which comes exactly after a month on March 14th, when men give return gifts to women who gifted them.

Japan Valentines Day Trends South Africa:

The most affectionate way of celebrating valentines day based on the ancient Roman Festival of Lupercalia, where young women will pin or tag the name of their
crush, boyfriend or husband on their sleeves for all to see. They believe that just an anonymous card can’t do the job. So cute, right?

south africa Valentines Day Trends The Philippines:

Valentine’s day here is one of the most popular and joyful day for the entire year. It’s a popular occasion for the mass wedding where thousands of couples tie their life knot in unison. One of the most interesting facts is that the government of this country sponsors these huge events as a part of public service. So, if you are planning to
get married along with thousands of others that too for free of cost on this special day, fly to the Philippines.

The philippines Valentines Day Trends Estonia:

Friendship is celebrated more than love during this day. They call it as Sobrapaev (in English ‘Friendship Day’). People there exchange gifts to their best friends, even for the same sex to express their deep love and concern towards them. If you are single but want to celebrate valentines day with your friend in a loving way, visit Estonia.

estonia Valentines Day Trends The United Kingdom:

Valentines Day has its unique appeal and significance. Celebrated in the memory of Saint Valentine, the Christian martyr who gave his life in honor of love.
Along with the adults, kids also celebrate this day by singing songs, exchanging cookies and chocolates to each other.Well, the romantic couple becomes really wild romantic with their mate this day to make a long-lasting memory throughout their lives. Great Respect is given to this day here.

united kingdom Valentines Day Trends Brazil:

Dia dos Namorados, the day of lovers which is celebrated on June 12th where single women perform spiritual rituals also called Simpatias in the hope that they find their loved ones by next year to marry. Boys here really have a beautiful chance to check a girl is single or committed. Let us know if you are planning to visit Brazil this valentines day.

brazil Valentines Day Trends Let us know if you witness or know some interesting trend for valentines day anywhere across the globe.

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