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Behind the Story: I’m a celebrity – get me out of Here…!

  • Jungle environment is a theme where some 12 celebrities live together for 3weeks, there are no luxuries, only thing is to select king or queen of jungle between them.

  • A house stands built for each season. Celebrities are roughing it in one jungle, they must sleep in hammocks, limited food and beans and being compulsory to face challenges to get food and supplies.

The Story Behind:

  • It’s reality TV series made by British and the first episode was in the year of 2002.
  • This was originally formed by the Factual Programmes department of ITV’s in the United Kingdom then developed by James Allen, Natalka Znak, Stewart Morris and Brent Baker.
  • The current episode 16 and it is newly produced by ITV studios & has been licensed to US, Germany, France, Hungary, Sweden, Netherland, Denmark, Romania, Australia, and India. According to Wiki, few versions are still under production in the UK, German and Australian.
  • These series were filmed at different jungles. however, this series has been criticized by UK former secretary of state for culture, Tessa Jowell.
  • During second UK series an interview with Financial Times, she said that “If they weren’t mostly – save their rouges – has-been celebs”


  • You will be provided with basic rations of rice and beans. Additional food can be earned in the trucker trials.
  • Roll up your bedding to stop “snakes, spiders, scorpions” and other bugs from getting into them.
  • You will need to the campfire to cook meals. It’s up to you to maintain the fire. Never let the campfire get out of control.
  • You must not eat directly out of the cooking pot.
  • Do not leave clothes lying around untidily, as they provide a haven for critters. Always check your boots and clothes for wildlife before you put them on.
  • You have remained that leaving dirty pots and pans in camp will attract pests and animals and you should not leave them lying around.

The Series Winners:

Here I have mentioned Previous series winner list, which still in production and most famous serious around the world. These Winners and location details I gathered According to Wiki.

Australia – I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here…!

  • Filming location:  Kruger National Park, South Africa
  • Year & Winners: 2017 & Casey Donovan

Germany – Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus…!

  • Filming location:  Murwillumbah, Australia
  • Year & Winners: 2017 & Marc Terenzi

United Kingdom – I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here…!

  • Filming location:  Murwillumbah,  Australia
  • Year & Winners: 2016 & Scarlett Moffatt

United States – I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here…!


This is the inspiration for Current Big Brother & Big Boss

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