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A Girl stays with Cancer-Stricken Partner after Tumour Spreads His Entire Face

A young 21 years old Pooh Chokchai Kaew suffering from a serious tumour, It has spread entire his face.

Doctors have told that there no way to treat his end-stage cancer.

Luckily, his girlfriend “Atittaya Chumkeaw” supporting him.

She is from Songkhla city in Thailand‘s Songkhla Province, shared a picture of the pair on Facebook, Just take look at it…

Third anniversary, love the same













The post became virally popular on social media & shared by a group named ‘True Buddhism

The young man is suffering from end-stage cancer that has spread throughout his face.

The family revealed doctors have no treatment, with radiotherapy or chemotherapy but the young man still hopes for a miracle and the tumour will disappear.

This post is not to give false hope to cancer patients. I admire the girl who’s standing by her partner. Fans say the love she gives to her boyfriend is the best thing she can offer. It may even cause miracles to happen.












Their story went viral after being shared by True Buddhism and the new fans are started to raise their hands to give support and praise.


According to the local media, his cancer starts as a retinoblastoma & then the cancer cells spread all over his face.

Normally found among young children, retinoblastoma develops inside the immature cells of the retina. It is a thin layer of tissue that lines the back of the eye on the inside.

According to the NHS, retinoblastoma can be cured if they detected in the beginning stage.

Doctors are reportedly pessimistic but the patient is not giving up hope.

They are happy to have some internet fame and hope for good health – This is not only for him it’s for all the cancer patients across the world.

She Written on Facebook, Atittaya spoke about the love between them:

We’ll hold hands and walk beside each other forever. We’ll be rooting for each other forever. We’re not going to let go.

We’ll make our future together. We’ll have a better life. We’re ready to face everything.

We’re ready for everything. We’ll never give up. We’re gonna get married together.

One More Post She Shared:

The love I choose may not be a dream. But it’s a happy love.

A person has Responded :

‘I believe this is a wonderful way for Heaven and Earth to make miracles happen.’

They are the one who faces such a difficult challenge & It’s truly inspiring.

We can’t change the direction of the wind but we can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
By Jimmy Dean

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