Honey badger | Floyd Mayweather of wildlife can attack lion's "ball" literally
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Honey badger – Floyd Mayweather of wildlife can attack lion’s “ball” literally

Native to Africa, Southwest Asia, and the Indian subcontinent, the Floyd Mayweather of wildlife on humour note, Honeybadger, the infamous wild animal, unfriendly to big cats are known for some other interesting stories. This article revolves around the life of honey badger not so sweet animal.

Honey badger – over the Balls

The honey badgers are apparently famous for never give up attitude in wildlife column which is seen in most of its other animal conflicts very famously over lions.These crazy animals are seen in videos attacking lions giving not much heed towards the mighty lions over the foods.In of videos owing to its height over to lion they are to be attacking the lion ” balls”.

Honey badger – as a toolmaker

Honey badgers are intelligent animals and are one of a few species known to be capable of using tools. In the 1997 documentary series Land of the Tiger, a honey badger in India was filmed making use of a tool; the animal rolled a log and stood on it to reach a kingfisher fledgling stuck up in the roots coming from the ceiling in an underground cave.

A video made at the rehab centre in South Africa showed a pair of honey badgers using sticks, a rake, heaps of mud and stones to escape from their walled pit.

Honey badger – as a weird creepy

In India, these animals are seen to be digging human corpses eating dead skin tones and what not.They are happens to seen eating fruits to eating dead corpse which is quite astonishing in its diet habits.

Honey badger –  as a anti-venom

Honey badgers are immune to venomous snakes such as cobras as well.In arid regions of India , they are seen to be more prone to snakes over food conflicts owing to having same diet of snakes .

Keeping aside their weird stories, the infamous honey badger is quite literally living a badass life-giving zero f*ck to major players of food chart. Never give up attitude and its defensive technique gives them a upper hand for its survivability in the wildlife.

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