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IPL 2018

IPL vs Cauvery – 4000 Cops never been this Tough

As per IPL 2018 schedule, CSK vs KKR match going to held today evening in Chennai stadium. But the former association, politicians and many people are demanding to cancellation or postponement of all the 7 matches in Chennai stadium.

Cauvery and strelite plants issue behind this protest. They said “No Cauvery water, means No IPL”

4000 cops at Chennai stadium:

According to local reports, some groups already planned to protest with wave black flag during the match in Chennai stadium. For providing the protest and security for the players, 4,000 police have been deployed at the Chennai Chepauk Stadium to ensure the IPL (Indian Premier League) match is played without any disruption. All the roads to the stadium will have covered with the police force to avoid the protest.

4,000 Cops At Chennai Stadium

A superior officer told, “All measures would be taken to ensure peace and order.” and all players are staying safely in the hotel with gun force.

Here are some Restrictions for Spectators to follow Before you enter the venue:Restrictions to follow

To avoid protest during the match, Following things Spectators shouldn’t bring to the stadium: such as,

  1. Banners,
  2. Mobile phones,
  3. Cameras
  4. Any other gadget to the venue.


You could not use of abusive language.

Let us know the Celebrities and fans thoughts about it:

Superstar Rajinikanth on Sunday said, “If they don’t cancel, at least they should allow players and spectators to wear black badges.”.

Santosh said, “I’m fine with wearing black bands, but canceling IPL matches isn’t the solution.”.

Rohit said, “Politics and sports ought to be kept separate. CSK is playing after two years and we want to watch it.”

Karnataka is against the Cauvery board as it doesn’t want to lose control of its dams. The ruling BJP, political parties in Tamil Nadu claim, doesn’t want to form the body as it could upset poll-bound Karnataka.

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