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Mysterious case handled by FBI still unsolved

We all know the United States of America is the best Superpower country in the world.
In the order, we all know about the world’s popular famous agency FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), formerly the Bureau of Investigation. FBI is the domestic intelligence and security service of the United States of America.
Here we comes the one man who gave full dilemmas, troubles to the FBI.
If you are a 90’s kids you guys must probably know about him, still, many this generation kids probably do not about him.
Here we go…

DB COOPER the man who hijacked a plane in USA, 1971 and the still USA has no clue on him.
One fine afternoon on November 24, 1971, a man carrying a black suitcase is on the flight counter Northwest Orient Airlines (NWA) at Portland International Airport. He bought a one-way ticket to Seattle, a 30-minute trip. He named himself in the counter as a Dan Cooper.
Cooper boarded the aircraft Boeing 727-100 airplane; he took the seat in rear of the passenger cabin. After he sits on his place, he lights his cigarettes and ordered some liquors.

On the passengers witnesses described him as he looks like a Gentle Man wearing a Black suit well dressed, with sunglass. He looks like aged between 38 – 44 ages. He was on the seat with his Black briefcase.

Hand drawing look of Dan Cooper
Hand drawing look of Dan Cooper

After the flight takeoff, he gave one note card to his near person Florence Schaffner (she was a flight attendant). She thought that the note contains some lonely business man’s phone number, so she dropped it into her purse without opening. DB Cooper comes forward and told “Miss, you’d better look at that note. I have a bomb.”

She requested, and then slowly she asked to see the bomb. DB Cooper opens his briefcase slowly and shows her the bomb. After closing the briefcase, he told his demands 200000 US Dollars and four parachutes then a fuel truck in Seattle, to refuel the Airplane.

She conveyed all these matters to the pilot. The pilot immediately called an ATC in a Seattle airport which in turn into the National Alert!!

Northwest Orient’s President, authorized all his needs and ordered all his employees to cooperate fully with that Hijacker.

After that plane landed Seattle airport, once he confirmed his all demands are met, then he released all passengers from the plane but the crew members are still in plane by the control of DB Cooper.

During refueling in the Seattle station, he conveyed his plans to all crew members. Then one Cop came to the airplane (unarmed) to place Money and four parachutes. After refueling, by his plans a plane starts to Mexico City, with an altitude of maximum 3000m and with the approximately minimum airspeed of 100 knots. Then he further specified some technical things like wing flap degrees, landing gear settings, cabin should be unpressurized during a flight.

After takeoff that hijacked the plane, two fighter planes from McCord Air Force Base starts and follows that hijacked airplane. One plane on above that Hijacked plane and other one is below.

After hours, a warning light was flashed in the cockpit; due to air stair apparatus has been activated. Then crew also indicated a change in air pressure, indicating that aft door was open!!

Soon, the airplane was landed on the Reno airport. All police surrounded the airplane, and then they confirmed DB Cooper was not on the board.

Only chance is he jumped from the airplane with the money by using parachutes. After nearly 1000 were deployed in the region where he jumped, then they searched hardly but they didn’t get any clue nothing.

The investigation started they didn’t get anything, and then government announces the 20lakhs dollars money’s serial numbers which they gave to that DB Cooper.

Years running they still didn’t get any clue about that DB Cooper’s case.

After many years, In February 1980 a little kid playing in a Columbia Riverside, which is 14km from Vancouver, Washington, and 32km from southwest of Aerial, found a bunch of cashes, which has an exact serial number of that DB Cooper’s case.

Then FBI searched that area completely but they didn’t find anything, the first and last thing they found about that case was that cash.

Hijacked route Map
Hijacked route Map

On July 8, 2016, FBI closed this case by considering many reasons. Maybe he died. Anyway, CASE CLOSED BUT WHO DID IT??


Comment your opinion about that mysterious man!!

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