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Your Perspective on life will change after you reading this true incident!!

Hey!!Dear all I am Venkat an Engineer, wanderer, Poet sometimes here we go for this!! Please be patience and read this till end a true incident happened to me last year!!
My perspective on life has changed after this incident happened in my life!!

A Usual first working day of the week Monday!! I got a call from one of my friend. He told me he saw my Girl Friend with someone in Benz. Then I shouted at him!! Don’t behave like a shit bruh!! I know about her!! Then I just cut that call. Then after one month she broke up with me!! Then I asked her why?? What Happened?? Now like that then she said cheaply you don’t have money, I want to live a sumptuous life like a queen. If I come with you I can’t able to live a luxurious life!! Like that I am totally broken that time. (For your guys information I am good enough paid engineer to lead a life smoothly).

I was totally broken , dispirited at that time don’t know what to do we loved more than 4 years , cant able to take it as easy one!! It was an evening time I think. I just want to loss from this sick society!!
I took my motorcycle then start riding towards Western Ghats a hill chain in South India. I just think about her and start riding. I don’t know why we were focusing on money money money!!! This much. We need money to live!! HUH!! But we don’t live for money!! . Many thoughts were going in my mind while on the road!!
It was nearly 1.30am in the deep jungle road in the western hats belt in south India. My Motorcycle’s Petrol totally drained!! Didn’t find any petrol stations near by!! Mobile also goes down with poor network!!
Then I just parked my motorcycle on the Roadside and waiting for someone help!! It was a nearly 30minutes of time I heard some roaring noise looks like tiger!! I started shivering, totally bind, then I took myself a deep breath and starts hiding in nearby tree , I am sure that Tiger seen me , roaring sound was quite high , with full nervous with fear I start running into the jungle !! I am having my mobile flash light only. While running there suddenly I fell down!! Rolls over some angle slope valley!! Then stopped by some trees!! Then I didn’t even opened my eyes!! Just holding some things which I got!! Then praying myself!! I didn’t slept single minute in that day!!
Then the Sun Starts appearing, Its 6am in the middle of the jungle, My mobile battery totally death!! Don’t know what to do!! Then I started walking in the random direction, and then I saw two tribes they collecting waters in their pots in the nearby river!! Then when they saw me they speak some languages I didn’t even understand that!! But I understand they told me to follow them!!

Then I followed them I reached a old ancient village!! I met one person there probably the head of that village!! He knows that local place language Tamil so it was easy for me to communicate with him!!
The Leader who was very old looks like 80above age!!!

I told all incidents happened yesterday then he starts smiles at me then he told go take a nap my child!! You’re my guest!! I will show you the routes to the town on the afternoon!! Like that he said!!
Then I slept there for a 2hrs without knowing me!!!
When I wake up I saw children’s playing with goats happily!! Then I said to that leader (his name was karpa)
Look them How happy are they!!! I miss being a childhood!! No worries No money No breakup !!
We will live how we want to live without hurting anybody like that I told to him!!

Then He starts laughing at me!! Then He told!! That one thing changed everything!!

We are all human beings did something good to be in this beautiful world!! First you need to know for what purpose your living here!!
You’re here for explore
You’re here for Enjoy the nature!!
You’re here for taste the God’s Creations
You’re here for helping peoples!!
Happiness not in Relationships and money only!!! It’s all fucking out there idiot go explore, make peoples happy!!

Then he sends me a guy with me!! To show the way to reach the nearby town!! Then I went to police station there I told the incident about my bike!! Then within half day I got my bullet then I went to home next day !!


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