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Scientists Confirms: The Ozone hole is indeed Healing

Scientists Confirm: The Ozone hole is indeed Healing
The ozone hole above Antarctica is starting to heal and it is expected to make full recovery by 2060.The Ozone hole forms every year above Antarctica. Beginning in August and generally peaking in October.

The ozone layer shields Earth from harmful UV radiation, which can cause many biological problems such as skin cancer. In 1985, scientists found out the ozone layer was depleting. But thanks to the phasing out of harmful chemicals 30years ago. The Ozone hole is finally closing up according to a recent study.
The Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) Are chemicals that deplete the ozone in the atmosphere? When CFCs rise into the stratosphere, they are broken apart by the Sun’s ultraviolet radiation.
Causing them to release chlorine atoms that destroy ozone molecules. Scientists have shown through direct satellite observations.
That the levels of ozone destroying chlorine are declining. This resulted in 20% less ozone depletion since 2005.

CFC’s were used in foams, packaging materials, refrigerants, blowing agents and propellants.
In 1987, nearly all nations signed the Montreal protocol and agreed on a plan to phase out damaging CFCs.
Consumers also voluntarily boycotted spray cans and packing materials.

Thanks to the global effort to get rid of CFC’s!!!
Scientists now confirmed that the ozone layer is slowly healing.The study offers a new hope that we can fix large environmental problems.

If we continue to tackle them and regulate human impact on the environment.

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