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Surprisingly, Trump’s hair is also a LIE.

Latest footages create a serious doubt for many that Trump is as bald as Vin Diesel.But, Trump usually cares a lot about his own appearance as we all know he’s so much interested in making a parody about others appearance, predominantly women. So, he wants to make himself a bit more beautiful than others.

Trump hair
 Source: Youtube

Well, we don’t actually care about his appearance. The main intention of today’s news is –
Like his hair, his approval regarding the release of Nunes memo is so Bluffing.

Friday – The White House formally notified the House Intelligence Committee that
President Donald Trump says NO to a memo drafted by Democrats on Russia Probe,
citing National Security. White House Counsel Don McGahn explained the committee that the memo contains “numerous properly classified & sensitive passages” which is the main reason for Trump’s rejected. He also stated that U.S President Donald Trump is still inclined to accept the ‘release’ if the memo is revised properly with the help ofJustice Department.

Now, our question is- How many of you support TRUMP decision on this issue any WHY?


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