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U.S Olympians are Highly troubled by Donald Trump as never expected.

A 33-year-old lady skier, Lindsey Vonn spoke to CNN before joining her 4th U.S Olympic Team about U.S president Trump stating that “Well, I hope to represent the people ofthe U.S, but not the president.”

She also stated that she takes Olympics very seriously and she represents the whole country which a lot of people currently working in
government do that.

Donald Trump used this infamous speech for his presidential campaign saying, ” When Mexico sends its people, they are not at all sending their best.” Pointing to people he added, “They are not sending you, they are just sending people with hell lot of issues and problems and bringing those issues with us.” His words crossed the limit saying
“They are bringing drugs, encouraging Crimes and they’re rapists.”

Donald Trump has also tweeted very pointedly about NFL players with an intention to insult them about the National Anthem played before the game start.

He also called African and Haiti nation “***hole countries” in a press meet, which made Trump a president whose nationalism is too worst in terms of racism
than a populist president who plans to bring more employment to the U.S and develop America with all their best possible.

Other skiers Adam Rippon, Gus Kenworthy and Nathan Chen took oath along with Vonn to reject an invitation from White House.

Kenworthy, who is gay, precisely pulled out Trump’s policies when discussing his words: “I am very happy in representing the U.S nation but i am against the laws and cabinet of president Trump, I will never support his policies and idealogy about America. Even if i am invited to feign approval for the policies and being
pushed t this instance, i will seriously decline my spot.

Rippon, a figure skater who is also gay, has taken on this administration recently, more specifically Vice President Mike Pence.However, at that time he should be completely
inclined towards Olympics, he cannot involve in any sort of Social protects and activities.

In the similar fashion, many olympians from all over the globe have stated their negativity and criticism from Trump.

Clark states: “What ever the politcal issues or differences we have, Olympics posses a truely unique style to bring all the nations together for celebrating the astonishing
sports and share all the truely amazing success sportsman stories. This is what called Power of Sports.”

The administration of Donald Trump is ver singular in so many ways. But when it comes to sports, its a matter including all the nations across globe which have the power
to magnify the relations between different countries, which is what will be an important factor for any country’s growth.

So, what you think regarding this Issue. How far you support Mr.Trump in spreading this negativity regarding other nations in the matter of sports.
Comment below and let us know your Opinion.

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